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Pest Control Co. vs USR

Another market is opening up: Redoing systems that were done wrong. You can watch a $25,000 Pest Control encapsulation system being torn out of a home and replaced. Just go to a YouTube Search Bar and Type "Redoing a $25,000 system"

The systems are usually built in a day using the cheapest material available. Theirs comes with a one year warranty, and the annual renewal fees start out at "crazy" and then they go up and up and up. 

We are twice the quality and half the cost

Knoxville, TN System~ After


This is a 1920 Square Foot crawl space with 16 piers. 

This Gentleman ended up with a $25,000 system for under $10,000

April 2019

Knoxville, TN System~ Before

Brand new home, haven't even moved in yet and mold was discovered. Seen it a thousand times. Homeowner bought all the materials and then thought better about trying to install it.

We use no Sub-Contractors Whatsoever !!

Called Us & Saved Thousands

Completed Encapsulation 

Not shown in this video was the 20 hours spent on clean out and prep work done before the first piece of poly was put down. There were large solid clay humps near every pier. There was a strong mildew odor and there was almost a truckload of trash and organic material. This video shows a basic repair kit, with a roll of material, scissors, 4 inch waterproof tape and everything needed for a patch. Right beside the crawl door was our 20 year warranty that covers everything wall to wall. The warranty stays with the home. 

20 Mil Encapsulation 

We offer and itemize three choices for most clients. It's dependent upon their crawlspace conditions.

This client chose the absolute top of the line, and we were still the lowest quote, by far.

See his Video Review on the "Reviews" Page

Jonesboro TN, May 2019

What wonderful clients ! They waited five months for their system. We were so flattered that we wanted to build them the best system ever. They had three copper leaks, a PVC leak where a connector wasn't glued, a dryer vent falling down, a few flex vents were pinched, and we repaired everything we could. It was mostly normal wear and tear items. 

Their next door neighbor got a very similar system for twice what we charged. 

Bluff City, TN - May 2019

Foam board on two walls (band joists also), 12 mil A-Rated 100% Virgin Resin Poly, 70 Pint Per Day Dehumidifier, Insulated and Sealed Door.

Sump Pump Systems

This is our mini system option. The average sump Pump system nationwide runs from $1200-$1500. This mini system, with a five year warranty, is in the $600 range. 

Cleanout is Everything

Beware of the one-day installation.

We removed insulation and the old contractor's plastic that is often 70% recycled material (sometimes organic material that mold feeds on) 

November 2018

 START POINT (Church Hill)

Although this is the BEFORE video, we already removed the debris and each pier had huge mounds of solid clay around them. This man sent us a reference within the first month, and through that referral, we did three more homes. 

MIDWAY POINT (Church Hill)

This is part of the 3-part series showing the before, during & after videos of the same crawlspace in Church Hill.


There are three progressive videos of the same encapsulation . Start Point . Midway Point . Finished Point

July 2018

Full System Installation Knoxville

This job had 3000 pounds of debris removal (Client Performed Themselves), 5 crawlspaces, two-inch foam board, 20 Mil floors, 12 Mil walls, a Moisture Medic dehumidifier, three circulation fans,  and two external vent fans. They have a 20 year warranty on the encapsulation and 5 year warranties on each electrical device

July 2018

Lebanon, VA ( 5 Layered Walls)

This Crawlspace was different. The front wall of the crawlspace was thin and totally above ground with many intrusions. We literally started seeing snakes BEFORE we got into the crawlspace. Homeowner complained of high heating & cooling cost and thought it might be due to the Vent Fan that had been installed nearly a decade ago. It wasn't the fan. It was a Tjernlund V2D fan and they only use 0.06 amps. The heating and cooling loss was due to the stack effect and a totally exposed front wall. We opted to use 3 layers of Reflectix with 2 layers of 12 mil poly between each layer. His heating bill went down 25% and that was after we removed 800 pounds of floor insulation that was totally ruined.

February 2017

Foam Board Adhesive

They never should have insulated the floors inside of crawlspaces. The battle is between the walls of the crawlspace and the weather outside. This Brief video shows ho well we adhere the foam board to the walls in a crawlspace.

Did you know that we can put 2 inch foam board on all the outside walls, install a full system and still cost less than the bigger firms can just put poly on the walls and floor? 

This is name-brand insulation too. Owens-Corning. 


The client is a regular. They purchase homes, repair them, and sell them. we This job was a 20 mil Poly with a dehumidifier. It required lots of extras that most firms won't do. We replaced the rusted dryer vent, we repaired and replaced the wired netting holding up the insulation. We  blanketed the water heater. We replaced a downspout and routed the rainwater away from the house. We put a handle to hold onto as you  enter the hilly crawlspace. We installed the condensate pump in such a fashion that their air handler could share it. We met Best Buy at the site to install the dryer.  We handle EVERYTHING that involves the crawlspace for this real-estate investor.

10 Mil Diamondback Preventative Encap. (Jonesboro, TN)

This was one of the smartest purchasers we have come across. He read about the Home Epidemic of Dirt Crawl Spaces and didn't wait for problems to occur, but got it taken care of in advance. We used a 10 Mil DiamondBack poly and a dehumidifier.

August 2017

Before Transformation (Fountain City)

This is a video is made before the Encapsulation. Home was built in 2005 with contractors plastic on the floor. Humidity levels of 84% and Moisture levels in the lumber 18.5% +- 2%, vented crawl space with condensation coming from ductwork and humid outside air coming in through the vents and crawl space door.  

After Transformation (Fountain City)

20 Mil SilverBack Poly on the floor and front wall. 12 Mil GuardianLiner on the 3 remaining walls. Band Joists insulated with Owens-Corning Rigid Foam Board. Vents sealed. Seams Taped with 4" Waterproof Genuine ST4 tape (many imitations exist), Sylvane Moisture Medic 70 Pints Per Day Dehumidifier on a Manufacturers Bracket. (cheap imitations and straps are being used that vibrate the house) V2D Exhaust fan. Insulated, Tightly Fit, Airtight Flap over the crawl space door. 20 Year Warranty on Encapsulation. 5 Year Immediate Swap-Out Warranty on Dehumidifier. Top That !!

A Simple Ground Cover/ Fan (Knoxville,TN)

Homeowner chose not to cover the walls as they had almost no moisture in them and he had a fear of having a foundation problem (cracks in the block) and not being able to see it if the poly covered the walls. The ground is the number one offender in his case, so we did a ground cover with a small lip on the walls and piers

Waterproofing Church Hill- Start

This homeowner was surrounded by homes that had been done by the Franchise Folks. Good systems, but they ran around $15,000, This was a good sized house. It was a full system a nd then some, and we were still less than  half of that.

Waterproofing Church Hill- Finish

Homeowner had a particular set of problems/circumstances. We were able to solve them all. We dont sell cookie-cutter systems. We build a system that addresses the issues with that home and we are happy to discuss your home with you in your living room and not necessarily on the World Wide Internet. 

We are usually able to offer three options for homeowners to choose from, depending upon their budget.

Some clients have come back years later to add on.

Using a Household Dehumidifier in an Encapsulation


The Video Explains the Conditions in Which a Household Dehumidifier CAN be used in Conjunction with an Encapsulation. If you go this route, we recommend the Keystone 70 Pint Per day Unit Without the Pump. Invest another $45 in a seperate condensate pump. You end up investing the same amount.

Before Video (Meadow Lane)

We got a call from this client after he called an A/C firm for something happening in the crawl space. The A/C technician had used our service only a month earlier. We get 90% of contacts by one client rferring another one. This hame was in good condition except for excessive moisture . Steps had been taken by the homeowner to rid the problem. The rainwater across the rear wall had been routed away from the home and a second layer of contractors plastic had been put down. On the first day of insulation, we were soaking wet from vapor and droplets on the vents and the plastic. This is the condition of the crawlspace before anything had been done by our firm.

After Video (Meadow Lane)

Compare this to the "Before" video listed above. No more warm, moist air coming in through the vents, causing the A/C ducts to sweat. On average, for every 1000 square feet of ground in a crawlspace, as much as 14 gallons of moisture is rising up every day. With 20 mil Silverback poly on the floor, this homeowner wont have either of those moisture issues again. EVER !! You know what? The homeowner didn't pay anything for this encapsulation. The value of this home rose immediately by more than the amount he wrote a check for. And over the course of the next 4 years, the energy savings from this system will even cover the check. 

Asheville, North Carolina 12 Mil Poly

This job was quite a challenge. Thankfully, the homeowner was a builder and quite saavy and even taught us a thing or two.  Our clients really are "The Educated Buyer" that tend to look things up online and then compare what we sell to what they have learned. As a builder, he had access to an electrician. He got his own vent fans and removed block to install the fans.

Maryville, TN Full System

This is the 3rd System for the Same Family so far. We built an encapsulation for an air conditioning repairman, who sent us a client in Colonial Heights. That client sent us his sister in Maryville, Tennessee, and now we are starting the third Home in the same family later this week. 

This is 2 inch foam board all the way around, with 12 mil walls, 20 mil floors and an Aprilaire Moisture Medic dehumidifier with a vent fan as well. 

Lebanon, Virginia

This is a system involving multi-layers on the walls, 12 mil SilverBack poly on the ground and halfway up the walls, a 220 Cubic Feet Per Minute V2D fan. Client had a Radon level of 14 until we built the encapsulation and added the fan. House for sale, crawlspace passed inspection with flying colors

Unicoi Full System

 We met the price that Orkin submitted, but we included foam board on all the walls. 22 Boards were used. They quoted 6 mil clear DuraSkim plastic that costs $106 per 1000 square feet. We used 20 Mil SilverBack that costs $499 per 1000 square feet.   

He was thrilled. He gave us a 5 Star Review on Angie's List.

A One-Day Transformation

The 3rd in a series of referrals, this home is in Clinton, TN. There are trade secrets that we do to every home that we don't put on the website. This wet, nasty crawlspace got a clean face-lift in one afternoon for $1500

Before Video, Bristol

We are adding foam board all the way around, 20 mil floors and 12 mil walls.

After Video, Bristol

We think we build the best encapsulation, at the best cost. The Humidity will stay below 65%. The moisture in the lumber will stay below 20%. Mold will not grow. 

Dirt Crawl Spaces are  A Housing Epidemic.

Economy System, Johnson City TN

After doing another wet crawlspace for this gentleman, and then doing a complete system for his sister, this homeowner had his 900 square foot crawl space done also.  After seeing the features and benefits of the system, and the fact that it truly pays for itself, this client insisted on a system for the home he lives in . We cleaned it out, sanitized everything and put in a system that instantly increases the value of the home. Smart Investor ! 

Almost every day, we get a call from a poor home seller whose house just failed inspection and they lost the sale.


Fleetwood, NC

.This was our last job in November of 2018 as December was booked solid and its our slow season. You cant see the nice door we made hidden behind that brown tarp, but this was a complete system with lots of twists and turns. He removed the entire flooring in his shop to make a way for us to put poly under it. We didn't show any of the extra things we did to keep this system functioning through the years. Trade Secrets !! 

Do We Honor Our Warranties?

This is a known flood zone near Glenrochie Country Club in Abingdon, VA. After a record-setting rainfall, some water made its way into the encapsulation. We responded the very next day.

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