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7 Years of Complete Customer Satisfaction

Let Our System Videos & The Client Reviews Tell The Story

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About USR

UnderStructureRepair began in 2015 after parting ways with the largest firm of its kind.

We specialize in all things regarding the crawlspace. Click on the SERVICES page to view many of them. If it's in the crawlspace, we pretty much handle it.

In general, a home won't sell until after the crawlspace has been addressed. We get calls daily from people who are desperate to get the crawlspace work done as it is preventing the sale of a home. That's not the time to call.

USR offered a comprehensive iPad presentation before the pandemic, but now we are able to show everything using email. We offer photos and videos of the inspection and the solutions, with options that fit your budget. 

Client Testimonial

How Encapsulations Pay for Themselves

Dirt Crawlspaces: A Housing Epidemic

Almost every day we get a call from a homeowner who finally found a buyer, and a home inspector failed the crawlspace. They want to know how fast we can fix the problem. 

Why purchase a system at the last moment? 

Use our service and enjoy the endless benefits to you and your family while the system  pays for itself in energy savings alone. 

Then when you go to sell the house, the buyer pays YOU for the system that is already in place.


The Stack Effect

Due to the differences in air pressures,

vented crawlspaces suck air in from outside.

Thus, the floor above it has a negative pressure, so it sucks the air in the crawlspace up into the living quarters, bringing with it everything you would expect to find in a dark, damp air-swamp including Radon. 

1/2 of every breath you take in your home is filled with crawlspace air and you spend 70% of your life in your home.

Clean it out, Seal it tight, and Dry it out. 

You can pay more, but you can't get more. You can help pay franchise fees and stockholders and overhead, or you can use your money on your house. If you want 20 mil on your floors, we offer a side-by-side comparison of theirs vs ours and we wouldn't do it if we didn't win. Ours is 30%  heavier than theirs. Heavier means more.

Want to see a completed job


Regional Ad

When we run an at, this is it. Client referrals are our #1 source of new business followed by professional home inspectors. But when we run an ad, this is it.

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